Management Policies

ESG and Disclosure Policies

ESG Policy

JEI and the Asset Management Company works to reduce the environmental burden and to cooperate/collaborate with stakeholders to achieve a sustainable society under the social responsibility of a company, while recognizing the importance of consideration for the environment, society and governance (ESG) in the real estate investment management business. (See “Policy and Structure” for details.)

Disclosure Policy

  1. JEI shall work to disclose accurate and unbiased information in a timely and easy-to-understand manner as well as statutory disclosure, from the perspective of maintaining transparency. In addition, information deemed to be important or useful to investors shall be disclosed voluntarily, insofar as possible.
  2. Information is appropriately disclosed following required content and formats as indicated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Investment Trusts Association, Japan, etc.
  3. Certain transactions with interested parties, etc., as specified in the regulations on transactions with related parties of sponsor companies of the Asset Management Company shall be disclosed immediately in appropriate manners in line with relevant laws and regulations, and rules, etc., from the perspective of maintaining transparency.
  4. JEI shall develop and maintain a structure to strictly observe A. through C. above.


JEI shall maintain a ratio of total amount of specified real estate (i.e., real estate, real estate leasehold rights and surface rights, real estate ownership, as well as trust beneficiary interests in real estate ownership, land leasehold rights or surface rights) JEI acquires to the total amount of certain assets held by JEI at 75% or more.