Policy and Structure

Sustainability Policy

Japan Excellent, Inc. ("JEI") and Japan Excellent Asset Management Co., Ltd. will work to reduce the environmental burden and to cooperate/collaborate with stakeholders to achieve a sustainable society under the social responsibility of a company, while recognizing the importance of consideration for the environment, society and governance (ESG) in the real estate investment management business.

As we strive to achieve above statement, we have set the Sustainability Policy as follows and manage our portfolio adhering to this policy.

1. Reduction of environmental burden

  1. Energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions
    JEI will contribute to energy-saving and reduction of CO2 emissions by improving operations to increase energy efficiency, promoting introduction of energy-saving equipment, etc. at properties it operates.
  2. Effective utilization of resources
    JEI will work to contribute to the realization of recycling-oriented society through initiatives for saving water and promotion of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) for reducing waste.

2. Cooperation/collaboration with stakeholders

  1. Education/enlightenment of employees
    JEI will work to cultivate environmentally-conscious employees through education/enlightenment activities such as ESG training in order to promote initiatives for sustainability.
  2. Collaboration with outside parties
    JEI will work to facilitate exchange with local communities while working on reduction of the environmental burden by collaborating with tenants and property management companies.
  3. Information disclosure
    JEI will proactively disclose information on its sustainability policy and status of such initiatives to unitholders, tenants, business partners and other related parties.

Japan Excellent, Inc.
Japan Excellent Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Structure for sustainability

JEI sets up a sustainability council with President, Division Managers and others as key members in order to organizationally promote sustainability initiatives.
It helps to develop an internal structure which sets goals and regularly monitors the progress.