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Portfolio Data Summary

Balance in Portfolio

(As of June 30, 2014)
By property type
(acquisition price basis)
By region
(acquisition price basis)
By property size
(acquisition price basis)
By property age
(acquisition price basis)
Office Buildings92.8%
Area I55.8%
Area II5.3%
Area III32.1%
Area IV6.8%
100,000㎡ to larger10.4%
50,000㎡ to 100,000㎡34.3%
10,000㎡ to 50,000㎡42.2%
10,000㎡ or smaller13.0%
under 10 years30.9%
10 years to under 20 years23.1%
20 years to under 30 years38.3%
30 years to older7.7%

Average property age18.7 years


Growth in Portfolio

(Millions of yen)

Major Tenant Information

(As of November 30, 2014)
Tenant Property Total Leased Floor Space(㎡) Ratio or Total
Leased Floor Space
to Total portfolio(%)
National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives Kowa Kawasaki Nishiguchi Building 20,549.29 6.3
Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation Kowa Kawasaki Higashiguchi Building 18,612.72 5.7
Hitachi Urban Investment, Ltd. Omori Bellport D / Ebina Prime Tower / JEI Hiroshima Hacchobori Building / SE Sapporo Building 10,118.99 3.1
SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. No. 35 Kowa Building 9,360.30 2.9
Roche Diagnostics K.K. Shiba 2-Chome Building 9,284.18 2.8
Total for Major Tenants 67,925.48 20.8
Total Portfolio 326,813.17 100.0
(Note )
Major tenants refer to the portfolio's top five tenants in terms of total leased floor space. If a tenant leases space in multiple properties to be acquired held by the Investment Corporation, floor space in such properties is included in the tenant’s total leased floor space.

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JEI Latest Data

Number of Properties
Asset Size
265,407 million yen
as of Jun. 30, 2014
Occupancy Rate
as of Nov. 30, 2014
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